Reluctor Ring Fitting Instructions

Cracked Reluctor Ring
Cleaned Reluctor Ring
Fitted Reluctor Ring
  1. Remove the old reluctor rings from the unit by prizing them off with a screwdriver, taking care not to damage the unit.
  2. Clean the joint using steel wool to remove all the corrosion that is on it.
  3. Heat the reluctor ring using a blow torch until it starts to go blue. A plumbers blow torch should be suitable for this. Alternatively, we have heard that heating the ring in the oven, while cooling the joint in the freezer also works. Don't worry if you go to far and it glows cherry red as our rings are made from high quality materials and this will not damange the ring unlike some others.
  4. Drop the new reluctor ring in place.
  5. Allow to cool before moving unit, to allow permanent fixing

Note that it is not necessary to remove the joint from the car, avoiding the need to fit a new inner CV joint circlip.

Note that when fitting the hole style of reluctor ring it’s not necessary to heat the reluctor up. We have found that once the driveshaft is cleaned up applying a small amount of loctite nutlock or similar adhesive onto the driveshaft then drifting the reluctor ring into place is all that is required for a permanent fixing.

Note: On some models (primarily Audi/Volvo). On fitting this replacement reluctor ring there is a radius on one side of the bore, this is the face that needs to go up to the shoulder on the driveshaft.

Note: On some Mercedes /Peugeot/Jaguar rings we have replaced the slotted rectangular holes with drilled holes. Do not be alarmed, they work perfectly ok. We have done this to make the replacement stronger 1) for fitting purposes and 2) to alleviate the problem of breaking in the future.

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  • Thank you for a superb service

    F.R Johnson
  • I've had the ring that you made using  my broken ring as a template fitted and my mechanic was realy impressed.

    Mr I Piddington
  • Bonjour, j'ai bien recu la commande,
    la piece est tres bien, c'est parfait,


    Mr S Dupont