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Nissan Elgrand

A Mr Stoppard asked us if we had a reluctor ring for his people carrier import the Nissan Elgrand. We offered the chance to manufacture one using his existing ring if he sent it to us. During the conversation he said he had a problem with his brake caliper pins also which we offered to sort at the same time.Th ering turned up the very next day including a broken caliper bolt and carrier pin. We manufactured 2 new bolts from stainless steel in a blink of an eye and removed the broken bolt from the carrier pin , and manufactured a new ring within a day ;-) The new parts all sent out for next day delivery and were fitted without a hitch ... Problem for Mr Stoppard was on fixing the drivers side he found on completion and road test his passenger side ring was broken ;-( He phoned us with his disappointment to be instantly allieved, an offer of delivering one to pratically his door the very next morning as one of our staff was in the area was service that he could not rate highly enough. For us its just a normal way we run our business.

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  • May I take this opportunity to express my thanks for an excellent service.
    Chris Howarth
  • I would just like to thank you for your perfect customer support & extremely quick turn over.

    Jay Howdle
  • quick delivery on Isuzu Rodeo rings

    Rob Pheby